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Hi-Fi Color for Comics: Revised & Updated Edition book, ebook, & tutorial files

Thank you for visiting this website is a terrific companion to all the tutorials and lessons in Hi-Fi Color for Comics: Revised & Updated Edition.

If you backed Hi-Fi Color for Comics: Revised & Updated Edition on Kickstarter you should receive your reward in August. Visit Kickstarter and read the latest campaign updates for estimated shipping times.

If you have received your copy of Hi-Fi Color for Comics: Revised & Updated Edition and are ready to access the download files simply sign-up using the log-in options on the right to register and enroll in Hi-Fi Academy. Once your registration is complete you will be able to complete your user profile and gain access to all the files you need to complete the tutorials and lessons in Hi-Fi Color for Comics: Revised & Updated Edition. You can even sign-up with your Google or Facebook account to save time.

If you do not already have Hi-Fi Color for Comics: Revised & Updated Edition you can order the book now from Amazon now. Once you have the book you will be able to enroll and participate in the tutorials and lessons found in the members section of Hi-Fi Academy. What will you learn in the pages of Hi-Fi Color for Comics: Revised & Updated Edition?

This revised and updated edition of Hi-Fi Color for Comics allows you to unleash your creativity with the latest Adobe Photoshop techniques and coloring secrets from the masters at Hi-Fi. Learn digital coloring from start to finish--taking your art from black-and-white to stunning full color!In the pages of Hi-Fi Color for Comics you will learn: 

Importing Art: Scanning & importing art & combining multiple scans into one image 

  • Color Flatting: Breaking down images into flat color 
  • Light & Shadow: Defining light sources to create mood and focus 
  • Color Selection: Choosing colors for clarity and visual storytelling 
  • Color Rendering: Painting with light the Hi-Fi way 
  • Advanced Brush Techniques: Master brushes & learn how to make your own custom brushes 
  • Color Holds: Add depth and dimension by changing black line-art to color 
  • Special Effects: Fire effects, flares, sparkles, glows, muzzle blasts, & more. 
  • Color Separation: Create CMYK color files with trapping for professional commercial printing & publishingEach chapter features Step-by-step tutorials while full-color illustrations guide you through each concept, ensuring your success.

Features step-by-step tutorials that lead you through the entire coloring process, from scanning, flatting and rendering to color holds, special effects and color separations.

Comes with access to download all the art files you need for the lessons in the book, plus Adobe Photoshop tools and scripts to streamline key processes so you can focus on being creative.

Packed with tips that will save you time and yield dynamic results.

Focuses on Adobe Photoshop CS2 and newer including Photoshop Creative Cloud (with keyboard commands for both Macintosh and Windows).This is the definitive book on coloring for amateurs and professionals alike--from comic book fans and Photoshop whizzes who want to color for the fun of it, to colorists looking to perfect their skills, to graphic arts professionals in search of something new to offer their clients.

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If you backed the Comixology editon on Kickstarter or are interested in downloading the Comixology version please check back as we are waiting for Comixology to verify the release date on their platform.